Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I really couldn't decide whether to make my mind up or not...

So, with India looming and all the planning and decisions that inevitably comes with it baring down upon me, I have had the wonderful idea of taking on yet more thoughts into my already crammed mind.

I really don't know what it is about me that can never be satisfied and content with just one plan. Maybe it's Greed, or maybe it's Lust, lust for (I could easily go with Iggy Pop on this one...) the unseen delights the world has, possibly, got to offer me. Or maybe I'm just on one sardonic, narcissistic rampage to cover all the Deadly Sins in as little time as possible in the hope that no one will notice and.... judge. I seem to have gone off on rather a bizarre tangent which, I can assure you, has no relevance to anything.

Back to the point. I put a question to you, Bangladesh... first thoughts? Is it just as I imagine it to be, a country in constant recovery from one disaster to the next, poverty stricken and utterly destitute of any human comfort? Or, is it a country with an unimaginable struggle to free itself from this common conception. I just couldn't tell you the answer.

What I do know about it is this, it has 600,000 rickshaws or Tuk Tuks in Dhaka alone. I have experienced first hand the smothering effect they have on the City of Angels. You walk a hundred yards for a beer, you subsequently need a jack-hammer to remove the odious layer of grime covering your skin. That paints an awfully grotty picture of Dhaka and Bangladesh in my mind, one of which I need, and want, to wipe clean and re-paint.

So destination number three is, obviously, Bangladesh. For better or for worse I think it will certainly open my eyes and is therefore a worthwhile venture.

As if India isn't enough.

I think one of the things I adore most about life at present, is the prospect of life to come. Might not be the greatest way to live, but then, at present I have an infinite amount of life to look forward to. Certainly makes sense to me anyway.

Well enough's enough, I need to force my head into the darkest depths of the freezer compartment in a vain attempt to focus my mind on something a little more manageable.

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  1. Hey babes,
    Bangladesh will be awesome. I think I saw rick stein doing a cookery show there. Loads of colours, which is always nice. What date are you going?

    Rachael and her other half are flying into Bangkok on the 27th if you fancy going on a night out? Think they could do with somewhere to stay before going to Chang Mai.

    When are you coming to the UK?
    Lynas x